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"Philippians: Ridiculous Joy!"

Dr. Bruce's latest book


Philippians is a book of the Bible that will brighten up your day.  It’s only four chapters in our English Bibles but it is powerful and relevant to everyday life.  Paul wrote this letter during his imprisonment and remained positive, hopeful, and filled with joy.  If you feel like you’re in prison because of an addiction, a bad relationship, a job you can’t stand, etc. then read "Ridiculous Joy."  This commentary will help you cope with the anxiety you struggle with and enable you to realize God’s peace.  The book has a great balance between good scholarship and practical application.  Reading through this book will help you renew your spiritual passion and change your outlook on life.

In this book, scholar and pastor Bruce Guckelberg provides readers with a good exegetical treatment of Paul’s tiny but powerfully inspiring epistle to the Philippians.


Dr. Saul Ebema

Sr. Pastor, Lombard Bible Church

Bruce’s writing is refreshing, readable, realistic to life.  Ridiculous Joy is a winsome study of orthopraxy for the modern reader.  Bruce has a “let’s sit down with a cup of coffee and talk about this” style that will make the reader want to personally apply Paul’s message to the Philippians.


Dr. Marty Wilhelm, Professor William Jessup University, Rocklin, CA.  Missionary, Associate Pastor Mountain Christian Fellowship, Arnold, CA.

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