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Hello I’m Bruce Guckelberg


I’ve been serving the Lord as a pastor for over 30 years here in America, until the Lord took me on a new journey and transitioned me into a different ministry.  Over the years my wife and I have led many short-term mission teams to the Dominican Republic, and one of the things I was able to do was provide teaching to pastors and their leaders.  In 2015 I joined an organization called Meeting God in Baseball, where I serve as the director of theological education in Latin America.  My ministry involves identifying and training leaders to plant healthy churches.  I also provide theological training to pastors and their key leaders to help bring renewal and revitalization to their churches.


I travel throughout Latin America to places such as: the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Haiti, Cuba and more.  I meet with pastors and provide training seminars then return in a few months to follow up on what I’ve taught them previously and introduce more teaching.  This model enables me to establish mentoring relationships with the leaders which helps them strengthen their churches and plant more healthy churches.  There are many baseball coaches in the Dominican Republic that disciple their players, but they need some theological training, which I provide them. 


I’m also an author.  I write books and study guides for my teaching ministry.  My latest book is titled Get Out of Jail Free: Breaking Out of Legalism.  This book has proven to be very meaningful for people who have been exposed to legalistic teaching and helps them find liberty in their experience as a Christian. 


I currently live in Orangevale, CA, which is in the Sacramento area and my wife Carol is a nurse at a local hospital.  Thank you for visiting our site and please pray for me and my ministry in Latin America.  God bless you!

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